Animal House

NIPER-A’s Animal House is a state-of-the-art facility and is spread over 2800 square feet with a 50% area dedicated to animal care and behavioural studies. Our animal house facility is registered with CPCSEA (1945/GO/Rebi/S/17/CPCSEA) for educational research and breeding purpose. The animal house can accommodate around 1500 laboratory animals. The strain for rats includes Wistar and Sprague Dawley, while for mice includes Balb C, Swiss albino, ICR, and C57BL/6. The animal house is also equipped with individually ventilated cages (IVC) for rats and mice which were procured from Allentown, USA. The Animal Facility has a “Two-way corridor system” to reduce cross-contamination and for efficient animal house operation. Daily cleaning and disinfection of animal rooms, quarantine areas, corridors, and other areas are carried out. Personal hygiene and sanitation are taken utmost care of. Regular cleaning and sterilization of animal supplies like water bottles, cages, and bedding are performed. Intermittent health monitoring of animals is carried out. Full-time veterinary care is provided for the care and maintenance of animals. Biomedical waste disposal is carried out according to the guidelines. Continuous CCTV surveillance of the entire Animal facility is ensured throughout 24 hrs. The animals are well maintained under controlled environmental conditions like temperature (23+3°C), relative humidity (30-70 %), 12:12 h light and dark cycle with 100 % of fresh air exchange in animal rooms. The macro-and micro-environment around the animals are also maintained for better development of normal behaviour of animals. The facility is equipped with the developing animal models of stroke,PD, traumatic CNS injuries, diabetes, and cancer. The recently immunocompromised animal facility is also initiated in Animal House. The facility provides sterile Food and RO water with corn cob bedding to the animals. The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) periodically meets to clear projects on laboratory animals of various investigators of the different departments of the Institute. NIPER-Ahmedabad animal house provides different services to industries to perform laboratory animal research and conducts different field workshops to train them in handling the animal.

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