Doctor of Philosophy

Qualifying Criteria for the award of Ph.D. Degree

  • The student with M.S. (Pharm.) degree from this Institute shall be required to complete Doctoral courses of minimum 12 credits;
  • The student with qualifications from other Institute shall be required to complete minimum of 28 credits, out of these 16 credits shall be from specialization, and remaining 12 credits shall be Doctoral courses;
  • Candidates who have already done their Masters in the same specialization, waiver may be granted in specific courses only after critical appraisal of the syllabi in NIPER and previous institute by the DAAC.
  • The students shall have to obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 6.50;
  • Where Cumulative Grade Point Average is between 6.00 and 6.50 the student shall have to take more courses to earn Cumulative Grade Point Average of 6.50;
  • Where the student earns Cumulative Grade Point Average of less than 6.00, such student shall have to discontinue the programme;
  • Where the student has fulfilled the requirements of theory courses, he or she shall appear in comprehensive examination;
  • The student shall be allowed two attempts to clear the comprehensive examination. Provided that both the attempts shall not be in the same semester;
  • Where the student successfully clears the comprehensive examination, his or her provisional registration shall be considered as formal registration for Ph.D. programme;
  • The registration period shall not be less than three years. However, in exceptional cases the registration period shall be two years;
  • On the successful completion of research work, the student shall submit the thesis; and
  • After evaluation of research work and successfully clearing the thesis defence examination, the student shall be eligible for award of degree.
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