Animal Tissue Culture Facility (ATC)

The central mammalian cell culture facility that supports the research work of the whole institute is equipped with high end instruments like Biosafety cabinets (Class II), CO2 incubators, Hypoxia workstation, Fully automated Fluorescence microscopes with live cell imaging facility, Flow cytometer with sorter, electroporator, refrigerators/freezers, centrifuges, water bath, automated cell counter and a liquid nitrogen storage tank. The facility also has a separate space for primary cell culture which includes Mechanical Bioreactor and tissue dissociator. The cell line repository consists of mammalian cancer cell lines, murine primary cell lines and non-cancerous cell lines. The facility is used by more than 50 PhD scholars and MS students from across the departments for their project work. All the students are provided with an induction training which focuses on demonstration of basic cell culture techniques and good lab practices. The facility also provides all the consumables like plasticwares, media and other reagents to its users. The current research activities include neuronal studies, NGS, transcriptomics, cancer biology studies, diabetic nephropathy, proteomics, metabolomics in cancer, 3D cell culture, slice culture, drug screening, biomaterial screening etc.

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