Thurst Areas

Thrust areas: Diabetes and Obesity, Infectious diseases, Cancer, Cardiovascular diseases and Neuronal disorders

Diabetes and Obesity

  • Proteomics and genomics biomarkers for diabetes and its microvascular complications
  • Lead based design and development of NCEs of natural pharmacophores as anti-diabetic and anti-obesity leads
  • Stabilized lipid vesicular formulation for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides (Insulin and peptidic incretin hormones such as GLP-1, exendin-4)
  • PK-PD herb-drug interaction studies for therapeutic modulation in diabetes


  • SNPs and its role in oral cancer in Western Indian population
  • Structure-based drug design, synthesis and screening of small molecules, including pro-apoptotic BAX activators
  • Thiazole heterocyclic chemical probes and their screening for lung cancer
  • Stabilized lipid vesicular formulation for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides (Buserelin, Abarelix) for prostate cancer and uterine cancer
  • Exploring marine algae in search of new leads for treatment of breast cancer and lung cancer
  • Cancer stem cell (CSC) re-differentiation, regime for prevention of relapse
  • Discovery of new natural products as leads for lung cancer

Cardiovascular diseases

  • Novel and targeted drug delivery systems for angina
  • Development of tri-layered tablet formulation for controlled delivery of antihypertensives
  • Development of bio-degradable stents and coatings

Neuronal disorders

  • Role of JAK pathway Alzheimer’s disease
  • Modulation of microgilal phenotype in neuroinflammation in cerebral ischemia
  • Melatonin in traumatic brain injury
  • Discovery of new natural products as neuroprotective leads

Other areas

  • Cartilage regeneration by using biodegradable nano-fibre scaffolds
  • Osteoconductive coatings for orthopaedic implants
  • Bioactive bone grafts for bone regeneration
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells

The dedicated faculty at NIPER-A investigates different aspects of human health such as diabetes, tuberculosis, obesity, cancer, neurologic disorders. Research is being conducted across the spectrum

  • Proteomics and genomic biomarkers, pharmacogenomics and stem cell research
  • Drug discovery and development using molecular modeling
  • Drug discovery from natural sources
  • Targeted drug delivery system, solid state characterization, QbD in formulation
  • Analytical/bioanalytical method development and impurity profiling
  • Development of biomaterial for cardiovascular, orthopedic and ocular implants
  • Metal toxicology, neurodegeneration, Cognition

We believe in exploring multidisciplinary research in all departments and help the student to excel in their field and develop the skills. NIPER has been actively pursuing the research in different departments

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